At last, European Unity Prevails

For years Europe has watched iron-man rising worldwide and polarising the advance of authoritarianism. Now, we proved it: we can take action, but only if we want to.

We support Ukraine because it represents the sacrosanct right to build one’s own future

Ukraine is supported by many countries because it represents the right to build one’s own future, in peace within the safety of their borders, without the threats of aggression. Peace, principles, justice and self determination are sacrosanct. That is why the Ukrainians do not want war. They want to live harmoniously among their own people, sharing the culture and heritage with their neighbours and the world.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a death knell for the United Nations

Would you entrust a child you love to the care of a school or nursery if you knew that not only many of its teachers, but the school board itself, consisted of child abusers, rapists and murderers? Of course not! And yet that is exactly what we are doing when we entrust world peace and human rights to the United Nations.

Vlady Hell: Putin Strikes Again!

In the August 2020 issue of The Gordian titled Russian Roulette: Why Putin’s Referendum Victory is a Threat to Humanity we published an article cheekily

A look inside Kamchatka – in Pictures

Kamchatka sits in the far east of Russia with one arm brushing past Alaska and another reaching down to Japan. 

A region famous for active volcanoes and a huge population of Brown bears. 

Although Kamchatka has stunning nature, the territory can be hostile and dangerous for unprepared tourists, and those who are not local should travel with a guide for their own safety.

North korea

North Korea: A convenient pawn

North Korea is usually in the headlines for reasons ranging from the terrifying to the bizarre. This month, their leader Kim Jong-Un is once again

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