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The Church of Putin: Inside The Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces – in pictures

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Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces1
There has long been a link between Russian banks and the Russian Orthodox Church, so for many it came as no surprise to learn that an extraordinary new cathedral was being built in the outskirts of Moscow costing allegedly 82 Million USD. Photo by Alexia James.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces10
There is something to be said about the mixture of military and religious imagery. Some may consider it distasteful, while other patriots may view it as complimentary.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces9
Photos were leaked showing Russian President Vladimir Putin and Joseph Stalin immortalized in mosaic inside the cathedral, however these were not present on the walls at opening.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces8
The windows are sandwiched between murals depicting The Virgin Mary plus mosaics showing scenes from Russian military history, including the annexation of Crimea by Russia.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces7
On the main floor, natural light pours in from the windows painted with Russian war medals.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces6
A different view of the main floor.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces4
Below the main floor of the cathedral sits a Baptismal font. It was one of the most decadent I have ever seen with mosaics and gold fixtures from floor to ceiling.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces5
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces3
Russia has a plethora of churches scattered throughout the country, in some places there are well maintained churches on every corner. This one differed since it was erected to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The exterior is made from a metal with a khaki- green hue. Supposedly, melted Nazi tanks were the material of choice.
Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces2
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