Where water is a gift: The outskirts of Nairobi in pictures

IMG 7996
A female tailor living in her one-roomed house made with corrugated metal sheets. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7787 2
Two girls from the Masai tribe. In this tribe, literacy for girls has no value and families consider it  just a waste of money. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 8019
A family in Gaucho, the suburbs of Nairobi. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7890
The containers that are used to carry water were used for storing fertilisers or oil. The water in basins and pumps is often contaminated. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7829 2
A school in Amboseli. In this school, children learn to write on the floor without a desk or pen, using only wood and soil. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7894
Water shortages in Kenya mean that large numbers of women and children have to spend up to a third of their day collecting water in hot sunlight from the nearest freshwater source. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7972
A Kenyan woman surrounded by plastic bottles at her home. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7891
More Kenyan children carrying water to their homes. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7905 2
A Kenyan boy with his thirsty dog. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7908
Children are often tasked with water collection from streams and ponds of drinkable water, which they would have to seek out.
IMG 8036
These girls, who are under the age of 15, have many more responsibilities than boys in the family. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7997
A woman is preparing food outside her house. Due to a lack of living facilities in Gyokucho, which is located on the outskirts of Nairobi, life is very difficult. © Anahita Ahmadi
IMG 7994
A group of children playing on the streets of Kurogochu. © Anahita Ahmadi

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