A look inside Kamchatka – in Pictures

Kamchatka sits in the far east of Russia with one arm brushing past Alaska and another reaching down to Japan. 

A region famous for active volcanoes and a huge population of Brown bears. 

Although Kamchatka has stunning nature, the territory can be hostile and dangerous for unprepared tourists, and those who are not local should travel with a guide for their own safety.

1. Tolbachik volcano
Arriving to the vicinity of the Tolbachik volcano, a black desert with volcanic sand. 
2. camp where Lunar Rover was tested during soviet times
Setting up camp in the same territory as where the Lunar Rover was tested during soviet times, since the terrain here closely resembles the moons surface. 
3. The Dead Forest
The Dead Forest, destroyed by ash eruptions in 1975. 11 metres of ash fell on the forest, so that today tourists visit and stand at a level close to the tree tops. 
4. the crater of Mutnovsky volcano
A short but challenging hike to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano, where there are many powerful sulfur dioxide emissions. 
5. rocks at Kamchatkas tourist spots
Entire days pass without seeing another person, yet stacks of Rock balancing are scattered all over Kamchatka’s tourist spots. 
6. caves around the Tolbachik volcano
Descending into caves around the Tolbachik volcano where lava has solidified yet is still warm to the touch from the 2012 eruption. Lava caves resemble saunas in temperature. 
7. Brown bear
Encouraging prints in the sand while hoping to see a Brown bear. 
8. Bystraya river
Paddling down the Bystraya river, full of fish and a good place to catch a glimpse of Brown bears hunting. 
9. 3 year old Brown bear at Bystraya river
A Brown bear, aged 3-4 years old hunts for fish on the bank of the Bystraya river.  
10. camp at Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky 1
Returning to camp in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky after trekking to the Mutnovsky volcano.

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