Basic Principles

The principles of the party will be roughly the same as the articles (1-23) with the added goal of a federal partnership consisting of all states. Details and other agendas will be added according to regional needs in the spirit of the said articles. Once a national branch has enough members and resources to warrant the formation of a political party, its endeavours will be supported by the whole organisation. Should two or more national parties be elected in government, these may join into a federal partnership for the duration of their mandate in accordance with their manifestos.

Federal ambitions of UN-aligned will outweigh nationalistic secessionist sentiment.

Nations that are not currently recognised by the United Nations, but that have a functioning government and electoral system will be considered as independent, for the purpose of membership, because the federal ambitions of UN-aligned will outweigh nationalistic secessionist sentiment. 

Once the vision of a global federation starts to take hold in the real world, a new form of government will have to be devised in order to deal with the changing circumstances for a unified world order based on respect, wellbeing and harmony.