Structure and main bodies

The main organs of UN-aligned are Worldwide Parishes and a Central Office that will supervise these various Parishes

1. Parishes​ 

Parishes are simply membership hubs. They may spring around different commonalities, such as language, nationhood, special interests and established networks.

Parishes may register with the central office as soon as they have 5 or more adherents with full membership. Parishes may split into smaller Parishes for practical reasons when the numbers may warrant this, although the lead coordinator and information officer may be supported by their own teams, if needed to cope with greater numbers.

Every parish will be responsible for its own administration according to the following requirements:

  • Parish Leader
  • Parish Administrator (optional)
  • Parish Information Officer (optional)
  • Full Members
  • A parish data system

2. The Central Office​

The office will be staffed by two coordinators who will appoint an information officer and a support team. With the growth of the organisation, funds will become more and more helpful to its activities; treasurers and fundraisers therefore will also be required. All accounting will be transparent and will be published on a monthly basis.

The first administration will consist of the founder members, for a period of five years, after which the two coordinators will be replaced by elected ones for a term of four years. The coordinators will be responsible for the management and support of their teams.

The role of the Central Office will evolve with the growth of the organisation. Initially its functions will be threefold:

  • To maintain and monitor membership records and parish achievements
  • To promote global UN-aligned events, interactions and vision
  • To represent UN-aligned in official forums

Definitions and Functions

Parish Leader​

The Parish Leader will be a self-appointed person committed to the principles of UN-aligned. Their role will be to administer and oversee the activities of the Parish, such as information sharing, forums, data and liaison with the Central Office. Generally, the Parish Leader will be the person founding the particular parish. For the sake of convenience, parishes should be given a name.

Full Members

Full members are those who belong to a parish as primary members. Individuals, however, may also join other Parishes as Guest Members, for the sake of widening their network or sources of information, for instance. Membership is fluid and people may withdraw and join again whenever they choose, by informing the Administrator. A member will need to sign up to the principles of UN-aligned and give his or her name and email address, as well as, should they wish to do so, information on age and nationality (to assess the status of potential political parties).

Parish Data System Officer

Data will be stored securely and confidentially, even though it will only consist of the three to five pieces of information submitted at registration: commitment to UN-aligned principles, name, email, date of birth and nationality. This information will be passed on to the Central Office, so that overall membership may be calculated, as well as national membership, since when enough members from a particular country exist, the mechanisms for launching a political party may be triggered according to the laws of that country. Should a member wish to leave, their detail will be deleted at once.

Lead Coordinators​

Coordinators are elected individuals that serve a period of five years in office. Their main role is to lead the Central Office and oversee the activities and development of the organisation.


The Administrator is directly appointed by the two Coordinators for an unlimited amount of time. His/her main responsibility will consist of:The day to day administration of the UN-aligned Central Office.

Information Officer

The Information Officer will be responsible for the UN-aligned website, blog or other media; as well as canvassing and the dissemination of information, although every member may choose be involved with these tasks. Aside from the basic principles, people will have different opinions on day to day matters and these must not be presented as the view of the whole organisation. The tone of communications will always be professional, accurate and well-mannered.

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