Ukrainians, Romania is alway open to you

Many people have shared their homes with total strangers, people with whom they can only communicate in sign language. But what need is there for a common language when humanity is all that matters?

We support Ukraine because it represents the sacrosanct right to build one’s own future

Ukraine is supported by many countries because it represents the right to build one’s own future, in peace within the safety of their borders, without the threats of aggression. Peace, principles, justice and self determination are sacrosanct. That is why the Ukrainians do not want war. They want to live harmoniously among their own people, sharing the culture and heritage with their neighbours and the world.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a death knell for the United Nations

Would you entrust a child you love to the care of a school or nursery if you knew that not only many of its teachers, but the school board itself, consisted of child abusers, rapists and murderers? Of course not! And yet that is exactly what we are doing when we entrust world peace and human rights to the United Nations.

February 2021: UN-Ukraine Timeline

UN-aligned intern, Kaitlyn Rivera, who is based in New York, presents a thorough timeline of all United Nations-Ukraine related events that led to the war.

How much do you know about Ukraine?

1) Here’s something you might not have known: Which one is the correct option? Ukraine is… The largest European country Only regained its independence in

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