From Royal Farewells to Zombie invasions: The 2022 Trivia Throwdown

The Gordian Quizes

2022 was an eventful year: We lost the queen of England, the king of football and the Pope Emeritus. We witnessed the full scale invasion of a European sovereign State by a zombie colonial power.

We suffered some of the worst effects of climate change, with disasters affecting different parts of the globe.  Here’s a quiz covering some of the events of 2022.  

1. The 2022 Eurovision Song contest was won by Ukrainian folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra. What was the title of the song?

Reddi at Eurovision song contest 2022
Reddi rocks the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final in Turin, Italy, representing Denmark with his hit song “The Show” on May 10th, 2022. Photo: Michael Doherty © CC 4.0
  1. Babushka
  2. Stefania
  3. We Shall Overcome
  4. Nevermore 

Answer: Option 2

2. On 2 January 2022, Richard Leakey, the renowned paleoanthropologist, conservationist and politician died aged 77 – What was his nationality?

  1. British
  2. Dutch
  3. SIngaporean
  4. Kenian

Answer: Option 4, Kenian

3. On 15 November 2022, the world population reached a milestone. How many billions of people have we surpassed? 

  1. 22 billion people
  2. 5 billion people
  3. 8 billion people
  4. 17 billion people

Answer: Option 3, 8 billion people

4. The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) on climate change mitigation was held in November. What country was it held in?

Smoke from factory
  1. Canada
  2. Brazil
  3. China
  4. Egypt

Answer: Option 4, Egypt

5. The Pakistani Climate Minister announced that the August floods resulted in a substantial percentage of the country being under water. By how much was it said to be submerged? 

Children in 2022 Pakistan Flooding
Climate change linked heavy monsoon rains and melting glaciers caused severe floods in Pakistan from June to October 2022, resulting in 1,739 deaths and $14.9 billion worth of damage and economic losses. Photo Save the Children/Flickr © CC 2.0
  1. A third
  2. 20%
  3. 10%
  4. Two thirds

Answer: Option 1, a third

6. The new President of India was elected on 18 July 2022. Can you name the President? 

Droupadi Murmu, president of India
The new president is the first tribal woman and youngest person to be elected to the office.
  1. Sognia Gandhi
  2. Narendra Modi
  3. Droupadi Murmu
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer: Option 3, Droupadi Murmu

7. On 7 April 2022, the UN voted to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council. How many of the 175 that took part voted to expel Russia? 

  1. Option 93
  2. Option 120
  3. Option 143
  4. Option 104

Answer: Option 1 (58 countries abstained, while 24 voted against the suspension). 

8. On 23 May 2022, A new Australian Prime Minister was sworn in. Who was it? 

  1. Kevin Rudd
  2. Anthony Albanese
  3. Scott Morrison
  4. Julia Eileen Gillard 

Answer: Option 2, Anthony Albanese (All the others were previous Prime Ministers). 

9. On 20 April 2022, a European Southern Observatory team announced the discovery of micronovae. What are they?

European Southern Observatory in Cerro, Chile.
European Southern Observatory, Cerro Paranal, Atacama desert, Chile. Photo: Shami69/Flickr © CC 2.0
  1. A new type of exploding star
  2. A COVID-19 variant
  3. A type of mould that is resistant to very high temperatures
  4. A toxic type of bacteria that was discovered in melting Arctic ice

Answer: Option 1, A new type of exploding star

10. On 8 July 2022, a former Prime Minister of Japan was assassinated while giving a public speech in the city of Nara. Which of the former Prime Ministers was it?

  1. Yoshirō Mori
  2. Shinzo Abe
  3. Tarō Asō
  4. Eisaku Satō

Answer: Option 2, Shinzo Abe

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