Do you know who it is? The Gordian May Quiz

The Gordian Quizes

1) We all know it’s awfully hard to get rid of cockroaches. But just how much force do you need to crush them? They can withstand weights:

  1. 90 times their own body weight
  2. 500 times their own body weight 
  3. 900 times their own body weight
  4. 1000 times their own body weight

Answer 3!

They can withstand weights 900 times their own body weight. Source: perrucci1212/Memedroid

2) Which of these countries did not join the EU on May 1st  2004?

  • Poland
  • Slovenia
  • Cyprus
  • Bulgaria

Answer 4.

Bulgaria joined in 2007 alongside Romania. In 2004 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czeck Republic, Hungary and Cyprus joined the EU.

3) What does it mean if you really want to “kiss” in Swedish?

  1. kiss, same as English
  2. sleep
  3. run
  4. Pee

Answer 4.

Answer 4.

4) What’s the least spoken language in the world?

Answer: Sign language

Answer 4.

5) What strange tourist attraction exists in Baku, Azerbaijan?

  1. An ancient tomb with glass ceiling
  2. Museum of miniature books
  3. A volcano shaped fountain
  4. A giant’s house

Answer 2.

Museum of miniature books

6) What are these half-moon shaped holes in Kuku, Kenya?

upload png
  1. Mysterious signs of an alien visit
  2. Water bunds 
  3. Ancient burial sights
  4. Traces left by elephants

Answer 2.

Water bunds are semi-circular holes dug to open up the hard top layer of the soil and help to restore water balance in the soils, which leads to regreening of the land.

 7) What are the main ingredients of Nepal’s National dish Dal Bhat?

  1. Rice and lentils
  2. Rice and fermented vegetables
  3. Rice and lamb
  4. Rice and spicy potatoes

Answer 1.

The rice is either boiled or steamed. It is often served in the middle of the dish and surrounded by lentil soup and perhaps some other curries, achars or chutney.

8) May 1st is an international holiday. In many countries it is a national holiday that celebrates the worker’s movement. How many related words can you find?



MAYDAY, HAYMARKET, LABOUR, MARX, STRIKE, WORKER, COMMUNIST Bonus: BUG (just because I found that by accident😉)

9) The inventor of this musical instrument (glass armonica) is known for something completely different. Do you know who it is? 

jGEuPaLmcaas2 y 2YyZO81A33J6vRA8NA2wGB PUMAQbgBIy5ciWatvai3Ko39WE wTCWsKEVsHtXO bOcyYwg 9VCi FowZ7 LMs53RydEK6aFhuMGCW7jDAXRFXht Ja6F9U qeJ Z v9Lw
  1. Gabriel Fahrenheit, inventor of mercury thermometer
  2. Maximilien Robespierre, influential figure of the French Revolution
  3. Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Founding Father
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach, Composer

Answer 3.

It was invented in 1761 by U.S. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.

10) Which country/city could this be?

Y9pjTl9eLiwlh9xNOzJoIqBb UeMuivSRgeFTdti19tRXN0mCkotL8CLoJoKcgkCMBY9bxN9WikRzYQ3WpwRWYdNFpeKxG2bqnJktObOqviTBxFW d5xgC7QWsVJf nDHOHI 4MSoHCF1TjrBQ

Answer: Bruges, Belgium

Answer 3.

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