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Thank you for your support in 2022. We look forward to providing more of the journalism you value in 2023. 

In a world that moves at a dizzying speed, UN-aligned and The Gordian have stayed true to their values, fighting for a better UN and bringing our readers the insights and information they need to stay informed and engaged. 

As the editor of The Gordian magazine, I reflect upon the past year with both gratitude and concern. On the one hand, I am grateful for the dedication and hard work of our team, whose members have produced high-quality, fact-based, impactful journalism that has provided clarity and imagination in an unprecedented year. On the other hand, I am concerned about the numerous challenges and crises that have impacted our world in 2022.

This year, the world has been marked by significant events including a global economic slump that has led to rising costs, disrupted energy supplies, and increasing food shortages and blackouts in multiple countries. There has also been an uprising in Iran, sparked by the death of a young woman in custody and reported on social media despite tight controls within the country. 

The January 6 attack on the US Capitol has been extensively covered and investigated, and the November midterm elections in the US were marked by divisive issues such as gun control and the repeal of Roe v Wade. There have been elections in Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Israel, and Australia, some of which saw significant political shifts or historic victories. 

The UK has experienced political upheaval, including changes in leadership and controversy surrounding the monarchy, as well as coverage of the country’s relations with the Commonwealth. In China, there have been protests over the government’s Covid lockdown policy and the use of technology as a tool of control. There have also been developments in technology, including the rise of TikTok and the fall of crypto, as well as the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk. 

The past year has also been marked by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected millions of people across the globe. It has seen the invasion of Ukraine and the deplorable loss of life and hardships that are continuing as a result. These events have been compounded by the ongoing impacts of the climate crisis, which continues to destroy lives, uproot communities, and alter the course of our shared future.

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The Gordian has been growing slowly, but surely. In 2022 we had about 2500 monthly readers.

At The Gordian, we have worked hard to provide coverage of these issues that goes beyond simply reporting on the facts. We have given a voice to those suffering in the conflicts and provided the expertise needed to understand the geopolitics of the situation. We have given our members a voice to express themselves through citizen journalism.

30K readers in one year

The Gordian has made efforts to showcase the experiences and perspectives of diverse groups through its photo essays, interviews, and coverage of refugees. These initiatives have helped to highlight the challenges and struggles faced by these individuals, as well as their resilience and strength. We have also campaigned to abolish conversion therapy around the world. This harmful practice, which aims to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity, has been widely condemned as abusive and harmful, and The Gordian has worked to raise awareness about the need to end this practice. 

Amongst our hundreds of publications this year was our first ever investigative piece, which uncovered a range of issues and abuses of power in Iran. Projects like this are time-consuming, but with your gracious support, we plan to continue this important work in the future. 

In addition, our monthly coverage of the activities in the United Nations have provided exclusive coverage of the good, bad, and ugly of events at the UN, holding the organisation accountable to the standards of UN-aligned. So far, this series has exposed the hypocrisies of self-serving members of the UN and will continue to work to bring peace, human rights, solidarity, and the environment back to the top of the UN agenda. We will continue to hold the UN accountable to higher standards, especially considering its lack of LGBTQ+ rights in its literature and its lack of strong commitment to human rights.

Despite the many challenges and crises of the past year, The Gordian has also provided some fun and joy to our readers through our coverage of culture and the arts. While at the same time providing a platform for discussion and dissemination of knowledge of our members.

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The Gordian magazine strives to create a platform for discussion and dissemination of knowledge. Join UN-aligned as a member.

A world of diversity, our members represent over 40 countries and now, all continents…

As UN-aligned continues to grow in membership, the relevance of an alternative ‘united nations’ and peoples becomes increasingly dependent on its strict adherence to established principles rather than its exertion of influence or the magnitude of its membership. These principles have been outlined in our manifesto and an increasing number of individuals are selecting UN-aligned to represent them. In other words, UN-aligned has successfully become a United Nations, but for people: one that puts humanity before nationality and our planet before greed.

And UN-aligned’s monthly publication, The Gordian Magazine, will continue to be a community-supported magazine that showcases YOUR innovative thoughts concerning human rights, animal welfare, and environmental preservation. 

As we move into the new year, The Gordian remains committed to producing high-quality, fact-based, impactful journalism that informs, inspires, and makes a positive difference in the world. 

We hope that you will join us in this mission, and support UN-aligned’s call for a better and fairer United Nations. Together, we can work towards a future that is more just, equitable, and sustainable for all.

A sincere thank you, from all of us, for your support. We look forward to providing more of the journalism you value in 2023. 

Happy New Year!

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Imagine a world where the United Nations is not just a symbol of hope but a beacon of action, driven by clearer principles and free from the constraints that have long hindered its potential. This is the vision of UN-aligned, an organisation committed to reimagining and revitalising this pivotal institution to truly reflect the voices and needs of people globally.

By supporting UN-aligned, you become an integral part of this transformative journey. Your contribution empowers citizen journalism, giving a powerful platform to voices often unheard, through our insightful monthly publication, The Gordian Magazine.
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To be or not to be European alone — The Gordian Magazine

Welcome to the February issue of The Gordian Magazine. In this edition, we venture into the depths of a question that has, for centuries, puzzled and provoked: “To be or not to be European alone”. As we stand at the crossroads of history, the fabric of our collective identity is being stretched and tested by the forces of nationalism and globalisation, each tugging in its direction.

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The Gordian Magazine is a community supported magazine that shares YOUR revolutionary ideas in regards to human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection. Every issue contains global news, opinions and long reads accompanied by striking photography and insightful companion pieces.

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