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Who is the UN-aligned Person of the Year?

The UN-aligned Person of the Year
The Stone of Hope at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
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UN-aligned is excited to announce a new opportunity for its readers to nominate any individual or organisation whom they believe deserves more attention for championing their cause. Although the prize can go to literally anyone, we encourage you to think twice before nominating dictators, fascists or possibly your grandmother. 

After we have received the final results, we will shortlist your submitted names. An appointed executive committee, who will consist of UN-aligned staff and editors of the Gordian, will decide on the final winner. 

The UN-aligned Person of the Year will receive full coverage of their activities, life stories as well as their struggles and ambitions on our website and the Gordian Magazine.  

Who can be nominated?

You can nominate any one individual who you think can use a welcome boost for their activism. 

How can I nominate my candidate?

We will hold an online poll so that both our readers and members will be able vote for whom they believe deserves the UN-aligned Person of the Year award. 

Why the person of the year?

Too often we have felt that prestigious prizes for various activities go to the wrong people and are simply misplaced. This year has also not been a particularly good year for oppressed causes of advocates of peace, environment and human rights.

We hope that UN-aligned person of the year award will provide a boost and encouragement to struggling activists.

Take ownership of UN-aligned

Unlike most organisations, UN-aligned is, primarily, its members. We are the New United Nations and though just a drop in the ocean, for now, we will carry on growing until we will become a force to be reckoned with! The more of us there are, the more chance we have of achieving our aims. Help us by promoting membership to you friends or to people you think have similar values. If every member added another, membership would snowball and we would be unstoppable! We also need active members: people who roll up their sleeves and contribute to the work of the organisation. Some already have, for instance, by writing articles for The Gordian, or offering to help with proofreading.

No matter what you can do, we want you. Write to us with your talents and we’ll make it work. 
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Meet The New Lady Justice

Welcome to the first issue of the 6 volume of The Gordian. It is largely accepted that Lady Justice’s blindfold symbolises impartiality, however, one cannot help comparing the blindfold to that of “blind” Fortune, whose largess is purely random. How else can there be so much injustice in the world? We say no more: Meet our new Lady Justice. This issue offers the usual mix of politics, interviews, culture, and galleries by our UN-aligneders across the world, including Ruby Goldenberg, Carla Pietrobattista, Katharina Wüstnienhaus, Atika Harba, Kaitlyn Rivera, Anahita Ahmadi, Partho Pratim Chatterjee, Sailaja S.P and Aryan Yekrangi. The editors are Adrian Liberto and Ariana Yekrangi.

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