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Animal Equality is a team of committed and passionate advocates dedicated to creating a more compassionate world for animals.

Animal Equality is an international organisation that was founded in Spain in 2006 by Sharon Nuñez, Jose Valle and Javier Moreno; their one objective: to protect animals. From that moment on, a growing enthusiasm and commitment ensured the organisation’s global reach. It has expanded to such an extent, that it is now one of the most successful forces for the defence of farmed animals.  

Animal Equality’s vision is that of a world where all animals are respected and protected. Our core values are compassion, determination, and effectiveness; these guide us in our daily operations, which are designed to end cruelty to farmed animals. 

At present, we are operating in eight countries and four continents. The Italian branch was founded in 2016 by the current international vice president Matteo Cupi.

The main international activities of the organisation are undercover investigations, education (raising awareness), corporate outreach and legal advocacy.

Undercover investigations constitute the lifeblood of our activities. In Italy, Animal Equality has been a pioneer in this undertaking. We can count on a specialised team of investigators who use advanced techniques for the purpose of bringing to light the appalling cruelty animals have to endure in farms and slaughterhouses on a daily basis. 

Our footage is then used to educate millions of people around the world on the reality that farmed animals face on a daily basis and help them choose more compassionate food options. 

Through the corporate outreach department, Animal Equality encourages businesses to implement meaningful animal protections that will significantly reduce the suffering of animals by ending some of the cruelest standard practices on factory farms and at the slaughterhouse. We concentrate primarily on caged egg-laying hens, chickens and male chick who are considered waste by the egg industry. In this way we achieve significant and lasting results.

Our organisation can also count on the backing and assistance of Animal Protectors, an international team of activists that is always ready to support our endeavours, in particular our corporate campaigns.

In Italy, Animal Protectors constitutes the largest and most active group of digital activists.  It currently consists of over 30,000 people who are ready to act with us via fast and simple online actions, which have the power to permanently change the lives of millions of animals. 

Moreover, Animal Equality works with law enforcement agencies and state and federal governments to hold animal abusers accountable and to help make improvements to laws that benefit animals.

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