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EU’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics is under threath as new analysis (link) finds that cosmetics sold in the EU and UK contain chemicals tested on animals. Furthermore, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is requesting new animal tests on ingredients that have been used in cosmetics safely for years. 

More than 400 animal rights organizations and companies, including PETA, The Body Shop, Dove and it´s parent company Unilever have signed and sent an open letter to the Presidents of the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council to fully commit to the EU-regulation and continue with its course for a global ban by 2023.

Why is the campaign needed?

EU cosmetic ingredients are ruled by two conflicting regulations: The Cosmetics Regulation that fully prohibits the testing of cosmetic products or their ingredients, and the REACH that strives to ensure human health and protect the environment. 

A recent case involving the German chemical company Symrise illustrates the incongruity of these two regulations. ECHA, which evaluates the data of toxicity and workers’ safety according to the REACH regulation, ordered Symrise to conduct animal tests on two ingredients used for cosmetics only, and rejected the alternative non-animal testing methods Symras proposed. 

In other words, what could happen is that an ingredient could be banned from animal testing according to the cosmetics regulation but needs to be tested on animals to fulfill the requirements of the REACH. ECHA among other environmental groups argue that while their goal is to reduce the usage of animal tests as much as possible, the alternatives (non-animal testing methods) are not yet safe and reliable enough to ban all animal tests. 

Give your support

On 15th September 2021, the European Parliament voted in favor of a resolution that demands an EU-wide action plan to end the use of animals in testing and research. It also calls for sufficient fundings for developing non-animal testing methods further. Give your support for cruelty-free cosmetics in the EU and join PETA and others by signing the European citizens’ initiative.

Read more about EU´s action plan to pave the way for a global animal testing ban and related information here:

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