Updates to the UN-aligned manifesto that you need to review

On May 2021, UN-aligned board decided to update the language around some of the items in its manifesto. You can review all the edits here.

We believe the flexible roadmap of UN-aligned’s manifesto presents a safe trajectory for a united world, so as UN-aligned grows we are always seeking to refine, clarify and improve our goals and missions. The following changes have been made to the UN-aligned manifesto as of May 2021.

Updates regarding our Mission statement

We refined the language around our mission statement, namely regarding our vision to create an alternative to the United Nations. 

The purpose of UN-aligned is threefold:

  1. To create a virtual and a different model for a united nations that would put humanity before nationality and planet before greed.  
  2. To promote human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection as well as the creation of political parties that would reflect the principles of UN-aligned. 
  3. To create a platform for discussion and dissemination of knowledge.

Updates to the creation of UN-aligned Parishes

UN-aligned Parishes are simply membership hubs created by a self-appointed person committed to the principles of UN-aligned. As of now, Parishes may register with the central office as soon as they have 20 or more adherents with full membership.

Updates regarding The International Political Party

The principles of the party will be roughly the same as the articles (1-23) with the added goal of a federal partnership consisting of all states. Details and other agendas will be added according to regional needs in the spirit of the said articles. Once a national branch has enough members and resources to warrant the formation of a political party, its endeavours will be supported by the whole organisation. Learn more about the UN-aligned as an International Political Party

The addition of a new article into the UN-aligned manifesto

We added a new article to our manifesto, let us introduce you to article 23.

“Article 23: Companies and multinational corporations must be regulated fairly.”

Corporations often get away with murder. Many laws allow them the pillage and exploit, without even giving anything back to the communities they devastate. Often, they pollute to murderous extents and are happy to factor in the fines that would ensue. The pharmaceutical and fuel industries, for example, are notorious for shattering lives and environments, while corrupt governments are happy to let them, as they ignore the plight of masses of their own people. Rigorous legislation must be in place, both at national and international level, to protect people and the environment.

The political party will commit to:

  • changing national laws, and working to improve international ones, in order to protect people, indigenous communities and the environment from companies that ignore their corporate social responsibilities by putting profit before decency
  • ensuring that the self-regulation of companies is never a replacement for external monitoring that aims to protect in a thorough, informed and effective manner
  • making people responsible for crimes they commit in the name of their company, or the company commits in a cloud of veiled responsibility
  • Legislating so that all companies contribute to the wellbeing of the communities they are operating in.

Empower us to do more!

Imagine a world where the United Nations is not just a symbol of hope but a beacon of action, driven by clearer principles and free from the constraints that have long hindered its potential. This is the vision of UN-aligned, an organisation committed to reimagining and revitalising this pivotal institution to truly reflect the voices and needs of people globally.

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The Gordian Magazine is a community supported magazine that shares YOUR revolutionary ideas in regards to human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection. Every issue contains global news, opinions and long reads accompanied by striking photography and insightful companion pieces.

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