10 books, movies and music UN-aligneders want you to dive in!

Here are 10 Books and movies UN-aligned readers want you to dive in. Photo by the UN-aligned design team.

Last month we asked our readers to tell us about their favourite books, TV shows & music. This is a list of some their suggestions. Enjoy!


Movie: Parasite (2019)

Gavinski from China says: “I have been meaning to watch this since well before it won the Oscar but never got round to it. Easily the best movie I have seen in years, loved the switch from black comedy to super tense, and its thought-provoking commentary on wealth, poverty and inequality.”

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Movie: The shawshank Redemption (1995)

Md Golam Habib from Bangladesh recommends watching The Shawshank Redemption: “Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency”.

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TV series: Ragnarok (2020) 

Matti from Finland says: “Even though the series is fantasy, everything about it feels real and relatable. Whether it is the fight against climate change or standing up to big corporations ruining our planetary resources for pathetic profit. Just like in the series, it will take legends to battle the evil; luckily we have plenty of those heroes in real life.”

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TV series: Sense8 (2015)

Adrian from Italy says: “The plot revolves around a different type of human being that is emotionally and telepathically linked to a cluster made out of eight people. They are being hunted down for a number of reasons and it gets very exciting. The best part however is the interaction between the characters…”

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Book: A fraction of the whole (2008)

Anahita from Iran says: “In the process of advancing the story, the author has tried to address various topics and chose from the ones that are very important in one’s life; it speaks about life, death, love, family, loneliness, immortality, ugliness, meaning and things like that. The story centres around celebrities and adventurers, which require little attention to follow. There is humor in the writing and the author’s mastery of the characters keeps the audience in tune with the narrator.”


Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns (2007)

Dorothea from the UK says: “I’ve read this book over 6 times I believe, the characters are so alive, it is impossible not to feel empathy for the two main ones (two women) and the very last sentence of the book always leaves me breathless.”


Book: The Untethered Soul (2007)

Alexia from Russia writes: “Sounds a bit stuffy and dry but is an incredibly down to earth philosophy that has changed my outlook on life.”

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Book: La Divina Commedia (1472)

Kun from China says: “It’s a fantastic masterpiece and theologically intriguing.”


South Korean Indie-pop: LUCY (2020)

Katharina from Germany says: “Their band is named after a dog, they have a violinist and a drummer that sings as well. Sometimes refreshing and bubbly, yet also soothing music that just makes me feel happy and peaceful.”


Music: Zibuokle Martinaityte

Ariana from Finland says: “I have been listening to a lot of Zibuokle Martinaityte lately. Her work is splendidly orchestrated and admirably patient. Definitely recommend listening to her Horizons, Millefleur and Saudade. 

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