Our Environment

Governments and individuals have a duty to protect the environment and biodiversity

The earth does not belong to the human species, to use and abuse for its selfish designs.

It is not in humanity’s interest to deplete its resources and destroy the balance of nature. Many people have already lost their lives because of pollution and its consequences, as have many animals and species. 

The situation will only get worse unless more stringent measures are taken.

The political party will commit to:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint through various means, such as:
    • International accords
    • The introduction of schemes to limit the need of packaging
    • Improved recycling methods
    • Investment and research into clean energy
    • Regulated farming
    • Tax incentives
  • Taking all necessary measures to ensure remedial action is adopted in order to address the damage that has already been done
  • Implementing and promoting legislation to protect the planet from further indiscriminate exploitation.

Animal Rights must be respected

Animal welfare is closely tied with our wellbeing in the ecosystem.

Being the dominant species on Earth does not give us the right to exploit all other life forms for food, fun or fashion, especially now that we have the means and the understanding to avoid this. Moreover, although the practices of the meat industry vary from place to place with respects to levels of cruelty, all have three clear things in common: 

  1. Objectifying and massacring animals for our pleasure
  2. Consuming vast amounts of resources for very limited returns (compared to the abundance vegan or vegetarian options would bring)
  3. Contributing in dangerous proportions to the pollution of our planet and the health of its citizens

We have evolved through the ages on the “blood” of others, especially other life forms, and phasing out this dependency will take time, both with regards to changing our mindset, which generally disregards the rights of other species, and in implementing alternative food sources and livelihoods.

The political party will commit to:

  • Educating people on the rights of animals and other lifeforms
  • Subsidising cruelty-free products
  • Supporting people in the meat, fisheries and similar industries to diversify into cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly alternatives
  • Prioritising the protection of endangered species
  • Tightening existing laws on animal cruelty
  • Banning all sports that trample on animal rights
  • Protecting natural habitats of animals and marine lifeforms.

Individuals and governments have a duty to explore, unravel, exhibit, publicise and preserve humanity's cultural heritage, while at the same time respecting the sacredness of particular sites

Whilst every effort should be made to explore and expose our cultural heritage, this should not be done to the detriment of the values and intentions of our ancestors. Too often we plunder tombs and sites that were once considered holy without the slightest respect or regard towards the people who created them.

The political party will commit to:

  • Exploring and preserving historical sites
  • Working, both nationally and internationally, towards the protection of the holy sites of indigenous peoples and the dignity of the remains and burial sites of past civilisations
  • Returning, as far as is possible or practical, stolen articles to the countries from which they were stolen.

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