Document no. 3 and what it reveals about the Chinese Communist Party

A picture of the Chinese Communist Party hall
Document no. 3 and what it reveals about the Chinese Communist Party

China is lying about the coronavirus, document no.3 reveals

Where we are

The global pandemic known as the coronavirus Pandemic started in December in Wuhan China, and as of 26th of April, 210 countries and territories have been affected by the virus, close to 3 million people have been diagnosed with the disease, and more than 200,000 people have tragically passed away of the virus.

In late January Dr. Zhong Nanshan, one of the advisors in managing the crisis in China, was asked whether he thought that the virus outbreak would be as bad as the 2003 SARS pandemic. Dr. Zhong Nanshan replied with absolute certainty that this would not be the case. He attributed this to advancements in medical sciences and the experience gathered from the SARS pandemic. The SARS outbreak in 2003 only infected around 8000 people and killed a bit over 800. At this point approximately three months have passed since that initial interview and we must ask ourselves how things ended up like this…

Why we are here

There are many reasons why the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded as it did. COVID-19 was a novel virus with countless unknown factors such as the infection rate, fatality rate, symptoms etc. Of course, a lack of known effective medicine and a vaccine made things even more difficult. But all of these factors aside, there is one other reason why we are here, and that is that the Chinese Communist Party concealed very crucial information related to the novel coronavirus. 

The Beijing Government hasn’t been up front about the virus situation in China, including details about its origins. It has also failed to share medical facts with the rest of the world. Some side effects of the virus, such as liver damage and higher risk of blood clots, are only just being discovered by western countries such as the U.S and Italy. Up until now, the allegations that China hasn’t been honest with the world has been mostly based on observations and speculations, however now there is evidence proving that the Chinese Communist Party has actively kept many things from other countries. An article posted on the Caixin news media uncovers the truth behind some of CCP’s actions.

What is document no. 3?

On 26th of February 2020, the Chinese news media Caixin published an article explaining the COVID-19 situation and all that was known about it. In this article, which has already been taken down, a detailed timeline of COVID-19 events starting from December to the end of February was given. This article also contains an interview with a genome sequencing company worker and talks of a certain article no.3.

I will quote part of this lengthy article here.

“A scientist working in the Beijing Genomics Institute, a Chinese genome sequencing company, headquartered in Shenzhen, revealed that on the 1st of January 2020, he had received a phone call from a Hubei official. In this call he was instructed that they ought to stop gathering samples from the ‘Novel Coronavirus’, and that all already gathered samples would have to be destroyed. He was also instructed not to reveal or share any information, and that publishing papers or data on the novel virus would carry a serious penalty.”

These instructions were reinforced in document no.3. Sadly, the original content of document no.3 is not shared with the public, but it’s a document which is mentioned repeatedly on numerous official websites including the School of Information Science and Technology of Fudan University.

What does this cover up mean?

Not sharing information on a matter such as a global pandemic should be considered a crime, and the Chinese Communist Party should pay the price for their wrongdoings. But let’s first address some of the possible reasons why the cover up might have happened.

Maintaining “national pride”

The Chinese Communist Party wants the rest of the world and its own people to think that they have full control over all situations. Consequently when a deadly and uncontrollable disease such as COVID-19 emerges, maintaining this pride at any cost is to be expected from the CCP.

Covering up a laboratory leakage

The story of a deadly virus emerging from a wet market may have seemed legitimate in the beginning, however as more and more evidence is gathered, these claims have been questioned. Some reports even say that the Wuhan wet market has never even sold animals like bats and pangolins, and that all the people selling other types of animals were selling them with a legitimate permit.

On the other hand the Wuhan Institute of Virology is only a few kilometers away from the wet market, therefore it is possible that the CCP has used the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market as a cover up to hide a laboratory leakage. Many foreign authorities have done inspections of the labs in Wuhan and have continuously reported a lack of safety measures and equipment. 

But whatever the reason may have been, the actions of the Chinese Communist Party has had deadly impacts on the world and the CCP should be punished accordingly.

What should be done?

The number one priority at the moment should be the safety of people and nations, therefore cooperation between other nations and China should continue.  However once the situation improves, China will have to answer some very serious questions. Fortunately investigations have already started. Countries such as the US and UK have already started investigating the true origin of the virus. Once irrefutable evidence accumulates, The CCP will have to pay a heavy price for its actions. The exact penalties are yet to be declared by global authorities.


Fudan University

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