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Humanity has evolved from violent and selfish beginnings, but civilisation has often transcended its cruel heritage and accomplished marvellous achievements in the arts, sciences and social order. It continues to do so despite some primitive characteristics that it still needs to shake off and some new challenges that it has not had the will to face adequately. 

Many of the world’s ills are man-made and countless individuals, no doubt, live as though violated by these primitive, state sponsored, anomalies that continue to plague society. Although we may feel powerless in the face of practices that are entrenched in the current structures of international politics, there is nothing to stop us from creating a virtual world order that will serve as beacon, while adding momentum to the promotion of harmony and well-being. 

UN-aligned will be virtual until it can be actual.

Participation will help assert where one stands and embolden one’s position through the cooperation of like-minded people, but crucially, such a movement should, with the support of its members, spill into the real world as a force for change.This is the first aim of UN-aligned, and it revolves around a few basic principles. Ideally, these principles should be the norms that govern the United Nations, but well into the second decade of the 21st century and over seventy years after it foundation, the UN is still burdened with anachronisms that seriously limit its effectiveness.

Much has been written about the shortcomings of the UN and these are often discussed at the General Debates, as well as other political forums, but too many of its member-states are self-serving for steady and significant progress to ensue

The UN has contributed enormously to peace and progress, despite its limitations, but UN-aligned hopes to achieve even greater ones, as it is not bound by the fetters that strangle the former, such as the complex and self-serving interests of the permanent members of the Security Council.

Members, or member-states of UN-aligned, will therefore have to agree to espouse basic rights and responsibilities and abide by them.

UN-aligned does not have to include superpowers or their money. There will be no hiding behind vetoes, nor will despotic regimes be able walk through these doors for an aura of respectability. UN-aligned does not have to court participation through dubious compromise. It is not the number of people or states that will make UN-aligned a beacon for change, but the integrity of its ideals and intentions. Of course, a greater amount of voices would be heard more easily, but this would be pointless if what was being said was vague, uninspired, or compromised. 

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Appeasement: Forfeiting somebody else’s justice

Appeasement is giving the school bully your lunch money in order to avoid being beaten up. In politics, however, it is more like giving the school bully someone else’s lunch money, to stop them from being picked on.

Tedros re-elected as the president of the world health organisation

WHO? Yes, Tedros Again!

Tedros Ghebreyesus gets re-elected by the World Health Assembly (WHA) to a second term despite his affiliation with the repressive regime that has been accused of torture, repression, and electoral fraud.

The new lady justice

Rehauling Lady Justice: Is the United Nations guilty in Ukraine?

As long as international justice is left in the hands of nation states at the UN nothing will ever improve because self-interest will always win the day. This needs to change. Meet the new lady justice! Lady Justice Have you ever wondered why representations of Lady Justice depict her in

The United Nations Death Knell

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a death knell for the United Nations

Would you entrust a child you love to the care of a school or nursery if you knew that not only many of its teachers, but the school board itself, consisted of child abusers, rapists and murderers? Of course not! And yet that is exactly what we are doing when we entrust world peace and human rights to the United Nations.

Celebrity islands with the United Nations

Celebrity islands with the United Nations

Many may not know, but the United Nations is the creator of some of the worst “reality TV” of all time. This is The Gordian Magazine’s review of United Nations events as if they were reality TV.

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