The Alternative UN

Humanity has evolved from violent and selfish beginnings, but civilisation has often transcended its cruel heritage and accomplished marvellous achievements in the arts, sciences and social order. It continues to do so despite some primitive characteristics that it still needs to shake off and some new challenges that it has not had the will to face adequately. 

Many of the world’s ills are man-made and countless individuals, no doubt, live as though violated by these primitive, state sponsored, anomalies that continue to plague society. Although we may feel powerless in the face of practices that are entrenched in the current structures of international politics, there is nothing to stop us from creating a virtual world order that will serve as beacon, while adding momentum to the promotion of harmony and well-being. 

UN-aligned will be virtual until it can be actual.

Participation will help assert where one stands and embolden one’s position through the cooperation of like-minded people, but crucially, such a movement should, with the support of its members, spill into the real world as a force for change.This is the first aim of UN-aligned, and it revolves around a few basic principles. Ideally, these principles should be the norms that govern the United Nations, but well into the second decade of the 21st century and over seventy years after it foundation, the UN is still burdened with anachronisms that seriously limit its effectiveness.

Much has been written about the shortcomings of the UN and these are often discussed at the General Debates, as well as other political forums, but too many of its member-states are self-serving for steady and significant progress to ensue

The UN has contributed enormously to peace and progress, despite its limitations, but UN-aligned hopes to achieve even greater ones, as it is not bound by the fetters that strangle the former, such as the complex and self-serving interests of the permanent members of the Security Council.

Members, or member-states of UN-aligned, will therefore have to agree to espouse basic rights and responsibilities and abide by them.

UN-aligned does not have to include superpowers or their money. There will be no hiding behind vetoes, nor will despotic regimes be able walk through these doors for an aura of respectability. UN-aligned does not have to court participation through dubious compromise. It is not the number of people or states that will make UN-aligned a beacon for change, but the integrity of its ideals and intentions. Of course, a greater amount of voices would be heard more easily, but this would be pointless if what was being said was vague, uninspired, or compromised. 

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SDG 16: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions are three fundamental facets of any progressive civil society in the 21st century. Therefore, as the UN is in many senses the world’s guardian, one of its utmost duties is to promote, instil and maintain these components globally to ensure collective harmony. In 2015 –

Unanimous Verdict the UN is failing to eradicate poverty

The UN is failing to eradicate poverty

Poverty, to put it simply, is one of humankind’s greatest ills and despite various ways to quantify, analyse or measure it, the problem remains unsolved. With the world finding itself in unprecedented straits owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not only claimed the lives of 4,000,000, but has revealed


“There is too much stupidity around”: The Climate Change Report

The Sixth Assessment Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was published on August 9, 2021. The Report paints a grim picture of the planet’s health owing to human induced climate change and rising temperatures. These seem set to rise above the 1.5° threshold, which will signal

UNSC Arria Formula meeting on Myanmar

Security Council Arria-Formula meeting on Myanmar

On July 29, the UN had a Security Council Arria-Formula meeting on the deteriorating situation in Myanmar. US ambassador and senior advisor for political affairs, Jeffrey DeLaurentis, summarised the dire situation, stating: “Humanitarian aid workers inside Burma are sounding the alarm. As a direct result of the military’s brutality and

Unanimous verdict UN is failing to combat Climate Change

UN is failing to combat Climate Change

Climate change is the world’s biggest collective enemy, which threatens to destroy the very planet that we all live on. Whether it be rising sea levels, global warming, record-breaking temperatures, melting ice caps or an overall shift in severity of natural disasters, we as humankind need to strategise together for

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UNESCO’s 44th Session: 27 sites that made it into the World Heritage List – in Pictures

The World Heritage Committee’s 44th session took place virtually from 16 to 31 July. It covered issues left outstanding since last year, when the annual meeting was postponed due to COVID-19. The extended session was chaired by Tian Xuejun, China’s Vice Minister for Education and Director of China’s National Commission for UNESCO. The session looked at 42 nominations to the World Heritage List (24 submitted for 2020 and 18 for 2021). 

They consisted of 35 cultural, 6 natural and 1 mixed (both cultural and natural) sites. Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, England was removed from the list on July 21; it the third site to have been removed in the history of the organisation. The removal was related to concerns of the development of the area that compromised its “historic authenticity”. Meanwhile Venice and the Great Barrier Reef avoided slipping into the list of endangered sites. 

Funding and Fiscal Responsibility of the United Nations 1

The new UN-peacekeeping budget: pun intended!

At the end of June, the budget for peacekeeping operations for the period from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 was approved by the United Nations. Eye-watering sums have been allocated in order to maintain buffers between hostilities that have been stewing for decades. This is not what peacekeeping

Cuban boys

Alone against the world: The US betrays the UN on Cuba

For the 29 years in a row, the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution demanding the end of the 60-year embargo on Cuba imposed by the US.  What happened?  The US and Israel were the only countries opposed to the June 30 resolution: 184 voted in