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Demonising Immigrants

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Picking on the weakest…

Some people just need a common enemy. Any group that can be easily picked on offers the perfect target. Minorities of every sort are often chosen because of their vulnerability. Bullying them makes weak or bigoted citizens feel superior. Some of these minorities have fought back and with time secured a certain level of safety, and the protection of their human rights. Still, immigrants are often the most threatened, because they are insecure. They do not know the ropes and cannot easily fight back.

Forgetting one’s roots

Figures will vary from place to place and from time to time, but I am always amazed to find that many of the most intolerant people I know were immigrants or children of immigrants themselves. There is nothing wrong with drawing a line behind one’s past, but please, don’t use it to throttle others!

Anti-immigration sentiment on the rise

Anti-immigration sentiment is increasing in various parts of the world. In Australia, a 2018 Lowy Institute poll indicates a sharp rise in opposition to immigration over the previous four years. More than half Australians believed that the number of people immigrating to their country was too high. Of course, this does not mean that all those people are xenophobic or racist. However, the fact that the rate had been capped at 190,000 for those four years would indicate that either the impact of immigration was being felt more strongly, which is unlikely in a population of about 25,000,000, or that intolerance is on the rise. 

Scott Morrison‘s victory of Saturday’s Australian federal election is not that much of the “miracle” he made it out to be, even if it did defy the polls. Many countries are polarising towards the right, or intolerance, to which the left is not exempt. The European elections due this week may continue the trend. Nationalists claims to be the force that can save Europe from a wave of immigration that will drown its customs and well-being. The benefits of immigration are passed over. The thousands drowning in the Mediterranean are ignored, or actually helped to drown

Nationhood without integrity and justice is hell

The issue is to protect nationhood. So we hand power to ruthless people, like Italy’s Salvini. We forget that nationhood without integrity and justice is hell. We get our governments to do our dirty work and slam our doors on progress and on the needy. 

Thankfully, some people can see the world darkening before their eyes and are doing something about it. It is these people who are the light of the world; not those who demonise other human beings in case they may have to share some of their bounty. Sitting on the fence is no longer an option: act now and work for a fairer world, before the norm will be demonising the “other”. Today it may be the immigrant… tomorrow it may be you.

UN-aligned is working for a fairer world. To be part of this movement you may join here.

Take ownership of UN-aligned

Unlike most organisations, UN-aligned is, primarily, its members. We are the New United Nations and though just a drop in the ocean, for now, we will carry on growing until we will become a force to be reckoned with! The more of us there are, the more chance we have of achieving our aims. Help us by promoting membership to you friends or to people you think have similar values. If every member added another, membership would snowball and we would be unstoppable! We also need active members: people who roll up their sleeves and contribute to the work of the organisation. Some already have, for instance, by writing articles for The Gordian, or offering to help with proofreading.

No matter what you can do, we want you. Write to us with your talents and we’ll make it work. 
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Meet The New Lady Justice

Welcome to the first issue of the 6 volume of The Gordian. It is largely accepted that Lady Justice’s blindfold symbolises impartiality, however, one cannot help comparing the blindfold to that of “blind” Fortune, whose largess is purely random. How else can there be so much injustice in the world? We say no more: Meet our new Lady Justice. This issue offers the usual mix of politics, interviews, culture, and galleries by our UN-aligneders across the world, including Ruby Goldenberg, Carla Pietrobattista, Katharina Wüstnienhaus, Atika Harba, Kaitlyn Rivera, Anahita Ahmadi, Partho Pratim Chatterjee, Sailaja S.P and Aryan Yekrangi. The editors are Adrian Liberto and Ariana Yekrangi.

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