Hormoz and its People – in picture

With colourful coastal soils and kind, simple and friendly people, Hormoz Island is a stunning blend of culture and natural beauty. Join Anahita Ahmadi for a quick tour of the Island.
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Omid is a motorcyclist and his income comes from ferrying tourists around the island. He said that he was not too unhappy with the pandemic, explaining how he and his friends took advantage of the lack of tourists on the island. They bought a boat together and spent days fishing. He says, the joy of childhood days had returned to him. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
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A man in need of a lighter, shouts his request towards another boat; the other boat quickly turns around to see what the passenger needs. Whether on land or at sea, people always seem happy to support each other here. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
A woman in a Hormozi burqa awaits her son to take him to the town. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
A woman in a Hormozi burqa sells handicrafts in her shop that is made of palm leaves. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
A woman invites me to join her for tea and a freshly made hookah. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
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An old woman standing in front of a wall on which is written, “mother”, “heart”, “love” and “peace is close”. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
A young girl holds a screwdriver as she waits for her father to return home. She knows that her father’s motorcycle may need to be repaired, again. His father’s smile and satisfaction with her will be worth the wait. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
Women on Hormoz Island have to cover their face and body and because of this, you cannot know what kind of a personality lies behind their hijab. However, by carefully looking at their bare feet, you can learn much about their tastes and interests. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
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An old man who just had a truck-horn installed on his small motorbike asks me to take a picture of him. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.
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A newlywed woman awaits the boat that will ferry her to her new home. This route must be taken by boat as the groom’s house is on another island. In such cases, the bride’s family would often accompany the bride to the beach to say goodbye to her with poetry and songs. Photo by Anahita Ahmadi.

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