Disciplinary Procedure

UN-aligned's Disciplinary Procedure

The Disciplinary Procedure will be triggered in the event of gross misconduct in the carrying out of UN-aligned activities by any of its members. Examples of gross misconduct can include:

  1. Maliciously misrepresenting the principles of the organisation
  2. Physical or verbal aggression in the name of UN-aligned
  3. Using UN-aligned for personal financial gain through unauthorised fundraising or the selling of its influence through bribes
  4. Exploiting the UN-aligned name in order to cover up unethical activities
  5. Deliberately undermining the organisation
  6. Being conspicuously racist, sexist or discriminatory in other ways that contravene the UN-aligned principles
  7. Ignoring warnings relating to a minor act of misconduct, such as being discourteous or vulgar

The Administrator will initiate and supervise the process as soon as he or she learns about the case. This may be through another member, a third party or via a formal complaint. The incident will be investigated and during this time the member will be advised to refrain from carrying out UN-aligned-related activities.

Should the claim be confirmed, the member will be barred from engaging in further activities in the name of UN-aligned. If the member persists, he or she will be expelled from the organisation.

When a person applies for re-admission to UN-aligned following an expulsion by the Administrator on whatever basis, the application shall be submitted to the Leader of that Parish for consideration and decision. Such applications shall not normally be considered until a minimum of three years has elapsed. The decision of the Leader shall be binding on the individual concerned. If the member is not a member of a Parish, the decision will lie with the Central Office Administrator. Should the member in question happen to be one of the Coordinators, decisions on the leader’s case will be made by the Central Office with the advice of the Advisory Panel and a replacement will be found according to the Election Procedure.

In certain circumstances the “suspension” of a member, whether by the Central Office or by the Parish Leaders, may be also possible. This will confine participation of members concerned to their own branch meetings, unless the reason for the suspension in part, or in full, is their conduct in Parish meetings.

While suspended, a member shall not be eligible for any office in the organisation, nor to represent UN-aligned in any position.

Information regarding these instances will be shared on a “need to know” basis according to the discretion of the Administrator.

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