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Travelling around China and India has provided me with memories of fantastic nature and beautiful cities and towns, all of which have their own unique charm and sights. The most memorable moments of visiting new places, however, are the encounters with friendly and warmhearted locals. I still remember, years after, the kind people who stopped to pose for a stranger with a camera. This gallery presents some of the beautiful portraits along the way.
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A man stops to smile while playing cards in a town of northwestern Sichuan. © Jonna Lappalainen
A Rajasthani man plays music on the street. © Jonna Lappalainen
A man who arranges camel safari tours rests on the desert in Rajasthan. © Jonna Lappalainen
A man prepares for a photoshoot in a teahouse in Pengzhen town. © Jonna Lappalainen
A woman celebrates New Year in the monastic town of Tongren. © Jonna Lappalainen
A monk from Labrang Monastery in Xiahe takes a break from a football game. © Jonna Lappalainen
A woman with her cat in the town of Luobiao.© Jonna Lappalainen
A girl poses in the middle of rice paddies in Luobiao. © Jonna Lappalainen
A man from the ancient town of Fubao enjoys a sunny spring day outdoors. © Jonna Lappalainen
A little girl from the ancient town of Fubao models with her juice. © Jonna Lappalainen

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