Complaints Procedure

UN-aligned's Complaints Procedure

UN-aligned does not provide products or individual services and therefore if should there be complaints, they would probably relate to the conduct of its members with regards to how they represent the organisation. The situation will no doubt change as UN-aligned develops with fund raising activities and the founding of political parties.


  1. All complaints will be forwarded to Central Office Administrator with as much information as possible. This should include:
    • The date of the incident
    • The date of the complaint
    • The name of the complainant and the person submitting the complaint, if this is different
    • The name of the person or persons the complaint relates to
    • A description of the incident leading to the complaint, including names of witnesses, if relevant.
    • The contact information of the person making the complaint
  1. Complaints will be acknowledged as soon as possible, but no later than three days after the complaint is made.
  2. A response will be sent within a week after the complaint was made.
  3. The reply should clarify the situation if the complaint does not contravene UN-aligned standard procedures.
  4. Should the complaint relate to behaviour that is contrary to the ethos of UN-aligned, the situation surrounding it will be investigated as soon as possible by a person or persons designated by the Administrator.
  5. If the complaint proves to be legitimate, the complainant will be apologised to and told what will be done to resolve the situation and to ensure the likelihood of it happening again is minimised.
  6. UN-aligned will seek to make amends, if appropriate and when this is possible.
  7. Members who trigger legitimate complaints with regards to the carrying out of UN-aligned activities will be contacted immediately and the disciplinary procedure will be followed in these cases.
  8. All complaints and their outcomes will be recorded in a complaints file, which will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

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