The Information Officer

Information and Publicity Officer Duties and Responsibilities

The Information Officer will be responsible for the UN-aligned website, blog or other media; as well as canvassing and the dissemination of information, although every member may choose be involved with these tasks. Aside from the basic principles, people will have different opinions on day to day matters and these must not be presented as the view of the whole organisation. The tone of communications will always be professional, accurate and well-mannered.

  1. Taking a lead role in the technological vision of UN-aligned
  2. Developing and implementing strategic plans to achieve organizational technology goals
  3. Developing and managing IT resources
  4. Studying IT systems to evaluate effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement
  5. Ensuring company’s technological processes and service comply with all requirements, laws, and regulations
  6. Collaborating with team leadership to create long-term plans and improvements
  7. Providing support and mentorship to IT leadership and team members
  8. Establishing and enforcing IT guidelines and standards
  9. Using IT to Promote UN-aligned and its activities
  10. Supporting the Central Office with the UN-aligned Newsletter 
  11. Supervising the UN-aligned website
  12. Work collaboratively with the Administrator for the smooth running of data maintenance
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