Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities:


Coordinators are elected individuals that serve a period of four years. Their main role is to lead the Central Office and oversee the activities of the Parishes. 


  1. To lead the Central Office team and offer regular supervision sessions to staff members.
  2. To appoint Central Office support staff, including the Administrator and Information Officer.
  3. To co-manage the operations, the resources and the development of UN-aligned.
  4. To represent UN-aligned at national and international fora.
  5. To work closely with the other coordinator or coordinators and ensure that duties are shared effectively.
  6. To ensure that staff members receive regular in-house training, and when possible, external training as well.
  7. To be involved in disciplinary matters in accordance with the UN-aligned Disciplinary Procedure.
  8. To hold regular meetings with Central Office staff, making use of conference calls when this is the most feasible option.
  9. To oversee the internal communication strategy of UN-aligned, including Parishes, and ensure information is disseminated in a comprehensive and timely manner.
  10. To create links with NGOs, human rights organisations and advocacy groups whose objectives coincide with those of UN-aligned.
  11. To promote and publicise the aims and objectives of UN-aligned.
  12. To campaign for justice via petitions, letters, interview, articles, canvassing, boycotts and any other appropriate means.
  13. To supervise the publication of the weekly newsletter.
  14. To support the establishment of political parties when these become viable.
  15. To be involved in the creation of a transparent and efficient accounting system when this becomes necessary.
  16. To explore and pursue funding streams when UN-aligned will require funds in order to carry out its functions effectively.
  17. To ensure Job Descriptions, including this one, are updated as and when necessary.
  18. To set a positive example in the carrying out of all UN-aligned duties.


Work ethics:

  • Work with every member of the team in a supportive and consistent manner.
  • Uphold the manifesto as well as the policies and procedures of UN-aligned.
  • Safeguard the ethos and principles of UN-aligned and ensure that development and growth is in line with these norms.
  • Support Parishes and members that may be vulnerable to political intimidation.
  • Encourage the creation of Parish support networks.
  • Keep up to date with world affairs, including political, social, environmental, technological and scientific developments.
  • Be able to prioritise issues that require urgent attention.