The Senior Administrator

Administrator Job Description

The UN-aligned Administrator is directly appointed by the two Coordinators for an unlimited amount of time. The role of the UN-aligned Administrator is an important one and will include responsibilities for:

  1. the day to day administration of the UN-aligned Central Office
  2. member data collection and protection
  3. the processing of complaints, including the launching of investigations, whenever these are required  
  4. the application of the Disciplinary Procedure
  5. safeguarding records and archives
  6. chairing UN-aligned meetings
  7. directing mail and queries to the appropriate person
  8. the organising of UN-aligned events in cooperation with other Central Office team members
  9. the elections of new Coordinators in accordance with the Election Procedure
  10. the appointment of the Information Officer

At this point  of time, the duration of the Administrator post will not have limits. As UN-aligned evolves, however, additional Administrator posts may be required to cope with the increasing workload. Duties may need to be divided in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Ms. Ruby Goldenberg has been appointed as the new Senior Administrator of UN-aligned 

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