Putting humanity before nationality & planet before greed...

UN-aligned ry is an NGO based in Finland that works towards the creation of a better United Nations, one that is founded on clearer principles and that is free from the shackles that have undermined the current institution beyond any possibility of repair. Part of its brief is to promote human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection; for instance, through the publication of written content.

About the organisation

UN-aligned is a budding organisation that dares to dream


UN-aligned Manifesto

The relevance of an organisation of united nations and peoples depends on its adherence to sound principles rather than the extent of its power or the size of its membership. But what are those sound principles? Introducing the UN-aligned manifesto.


The Alternative UN

Many of the world’s ills are man-made. Although we may feel powerless in the face of practices that are entrenched in the current structures of international politics, there is nothing to stop us from creating a virtual world order…

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Contact UN-aligned We want to hear from you​ Whether it’s a question about UN-aligned’s policy or suggestions and feedback, we’d love to hear from you,

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Frequently Asked Questions Most frequent questions and answers Isn’t UN-aligned too idealistic for the real world? UN-aligned is idealistic in the sense that it focusses

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UN-aligned is a United Nations for everyone. UN-aligned membership is not limited to nations or bullying super powers or their money. Everyone is welcome! Our membership is 100% free and gives you access to many additional perks.

the gordian

The Gordian

The Gordian Magazine is a round-up of global news and opinions, accompanied by striking photography.

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Unravelling the United Nations, Argead Style

How can the UN achieve its sacred mission without the shackles of obsolete structures and bullying superpowers? This is how!